Story of Margaret

13 October 2021

Only 11% of all girls in Karamoja finish primary school. Instead of going to school, girls are married off, sometimes as early as 13 or 14 years of age. Every year many girls manage to escape marriage, circumcision, child trafficking and child labour. Education is their only chance to escape poverty and build a better future.

A message from CoRSU hospital!

30 September 2021

CCA brings children with disabilities and their parents/carers to CoRSU, a specialized hospital in Entebbe. In this hospital, children with cleft lip and palate, club feet, burn injuries and other congenital and non-congenital disorders get a chance for a better life. In this video Davide Naggi, director of the hospital, explains why the collaboration with CCA is so special.

Story of Winnie

23 September 2021

Winnie was born with a club foot. In the video in this news item you can see how she can walk better thanks to medical care in CoRSU hospital. An inspiring story!

Girls selected for nursing school!

21 September 2021

Due to corona, schools in Uganda have been almost completely closed since March 2020. Meanwhile, the pressure on healthcare has increased. That is why the government announced last month that medical courses can open again. CCA already sponsored 3 boys with a medical education (1 laboratory technician, 2 nursing) and now decided to select 7 girls to join a course!

Project: “Kaabong Life Bakery”

17 September 2021

Our plans for the realization of a bakery at the activity and reception center in Kaabong (Karamoja) have been approved! In this article you can read more about the “Kaabong Life Bakery” project.