Selection of partners and grant application

CCA collaborates with local initiatives in regions where the needs are greatest, mostly based in sub-Saharan Africa.  Through our grants, we strengthen the work of small or medium size civil society organizations (CSO’s). Under CSO’s, we understand: community groups, youth groups, women groups, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), faith-based organizations, social enterprise groups, medical / educational institutions and public-private partnerships. International NGO’s based in the global north are not eligible for a CCA grant.

You are eligible for a grant if your CSO:

  • Is legally registered within your area of operation
  • Is founded by members from the targeted community (preferably led by women, youth or PWD’s)
  • Employs qualified staff from the targeted community
  • Has a bank account
  • Has a constitution and a child protection policy
  • Responds to our key thematic area and has a clear focus on children
  • Is a small to medium sized organization with an average annual expenditure of less than EUR100.000 a year

We have developed so-called CCA partner guidelines, explaining our expectations and agreements with partners. This document is available upon request.

If your organization meets the above mentioned criteria, you can contact us and express your interest.