Our vision

Child Care Africa Foundation was founded with the vision to contribute to a world where all children live in safety and have access to education, healthcare, clean water, food, shelter and basic rights.

We work together with local initiatives in Africa, because we are convinced that community transformation is most effective when it comes from within. The locals know the language, culture, society and the challenges in their community. With the right type of support, local initiatives can address these challenges and find effective ways to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We believe our bottom-up approach contributes to the ownership and sustainability of the programmes.

Our strategy

Our executive director is on the ground in Africa to mentor, advice and monitor our local partners. She uses her experience and expertise to strengthen the capacity of our local partners in project implementation, reporting and financial accountability. Our other four board members are volunteers and visit the programme areas to conduct financial audits, provide technical guidance and monitor the beneficiaries. This way, we ensure that all donations actually benefit the children, their families and communities.

The way we work is characterized by the following key principles: 

  1. Holistic vision: our vision goes beyond education. We also provide food, protection, a safe place to sleep, healthcare and spiritual and psychosocial support. We consider the child and his or her family and community.
  2. Sustainability: we do not take over the ultimate responsibility for the children we support. We sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the parents and caretakers, stipulating the tasks and responsibilities of all parties. Parents and caretakers sit together with our local partners and agree to a financial contribution. Students sponsored in tertiary education also sign an MoU with CCA and our local partners. After completion of their education, they begin to sponsor a new student to join primary school.
  3. Non-discrimination: we select “our” children based on a serious and objective screening, whereby we don’t discriminate based on religion, ethnicity, gender, etc. Objectivity and transparency towards the local community are very important. Everyone should be able to understand why these specific children were selected for sponsorship.
  4. Capacity development: we work together with local partners on a daily basis. They know the local language, society and culture. We mentor and help them to become independent and professional partners, with a strong focus on children and youth.
  5. No overhead costs: All donations are fully spent to benefit the supported children. We don’t pay salaries to board members or rent for an office in the Netherlands. Our local partners are allowed to use max. 20% of the money for transport, office requirements and salaries. We enter into strict agreements with our local partners and perform regular audits.

Our structure

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