Children with disabilities

Children with disabilities are particularly at risk in Africa. Access to health care is already poor and taboo and stigma have left these children more often excluded and neglected. Parents and carers in Karamoja often see disability as a curse and are unaware that some disabilities can be treated medically. CCA provides specialized medical care and contributes to the opportunities of children with disabilities in Karamoja.

Surgery and medical care

The children and their parents / guardians and a CCA staff visit CoRSU, a hospital in Entebbe specialized in the treatment of children with disabilities. In this hospital, children with cleft lip and palate, club feet, burn injuries and other congenital and non-congenital disorders get a chance for a better life. Where the disability cannot be rehabilitated, we discuss other solutions with parents and carers. Such as prostheses or a wheelchair. The children recover at the AWARE center in Kaabong.

Esther (13) and Irene (7)

Community sensitization

Medical assistance alone is not enough to improve the living conditions of disabled children. Children with disabilities only really get the chance to participate when prejudices and stigmas disappear. CCA pays attention to the environment of the children; parents, carers, teachers and classmates. We work towards improved integration and participation of these children in family and community life.

Future prospects

Every child is different. CCA provides appropriate solutions to improve the future prospects of children with disabilities. Some of these children are eligible for our sponsorship program. Where regular education is not an option, the children can participate in other activities.

Read the story of Esther and Irene, who received treatment in CoRSU last year.