Children with disabilities

Children with disabilities face a greater risk in Africa. Healthcare is poor, but taboos, superstition and witchcraft make the situation of disabled children in Africa worse. They often face neglect or abuse. The parents and caregivers in the areas where we work often perceive disability as a curse. They do not know that some conditions can be medically cured. We absorb children with disabilities into our regular child sponsorship programme and offer them additional medical care and attention.

Esther (13) and Irene (7)

Surgery and medical care

The disabled children receive treatment in CoRSU, a specialized hospital in Entebbe. This hospital gives quality care to children with a cleft lip, club foot, post-burn injuries and other conditions. If surgery is not an option, CoRSU discusses other treatment options, such as working with assistive devices or physiotherapy.

Samuel received cleft lip surgery. Read his story here.

Sensitization and wellbeing

We realize that medical care alone, is not sufficient to improve the wellbeing of disabled children. It’s not before stigma’s, judgement and discrimination disappear, that children living with disabilities can fully participate in our communities. CCA gives attention to the attitude of parents, caregivers, teachers, pupils and community members with regards to people living with disabilities. We mobilize communities and sensitize them, centered around one specific theme: “disability is not inability”. During our activities, we sensitize people about the availability of treatment for different kinds of disabilities. We make communities understand that disabled or not disabled, everyone deserves to participate. CCA wants to boost the confidence of children with disabilities and to help them understand the countless abilities they possess! With a little bit of extra care and attention, children with disabilities can study, make friends and be a valued contribution to their family and society at large.

Appropriate help

Every child is different. For some children with a handicap, surgery is not possible. For some is participation in regular education not an option. CCA thinks about the appropriate solution for every child. Such as a useful day program, like training in making jewellery or baking bread.

Read the story of Esther and Irene, who received treatment in CoRSU last year.