Bakery training started!

2 March 2022

Today 3 enthusiastic women from Kaabong started their training in baking and
entrepreneurship with Bake it Smart and Simple (BISS). After 6 weeks of
training and a 1-week internship, Sarah, Ruth, and Norah will start their own
bakery together. This means Kaabong will have its first-ever supply of fresh
and locally produced bread! Apart from bread, the bakery will produce other
products, such as cookies, cakes and doughnuts.

Sarah, Ruth, and Norah can generate a sustainable income for themselves and
their families through the bakery. Furthermore, the women can share their
knowledge about baking and business with others, empowering more women to find
employment or start a business. Finally, the project contributes to food
availability, quality and diversity in Kaabong.

CCA pays for the training of Sarah, Ruth, and Norah. Moreover, CCA purchases
the materials required for the bakery from BISS. 50% of the costs for the
materials is a loan, which the women need to repay within 2 years. The aim of
the loan is to make participants feel responsible for the bakery’s success.

Soon we will introduce Sarah, Ruth and Norah.

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