Amudat (Uganda)

Amudat district is part of greater Karamoja, a region in Uganda which was characterized by cattle raids and violent conflicts for decades. The government disarmament program in 2009 brought relative peace and stability and opened up a window of opportunity for the development of the Pokot tribe. The remoteness of Amudat, its violent past and the traditional nomad culture have resulted in very low development figures. Only 5% of the entire adult population is literate and only one out of every five children goes to school. Parents either don’t have the resources to pay school fees for their children, or fail to do so out of cultural beliefs.

The Pokot tribe traditionally performs Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a practice scarring young girls for life. After the cut, girls are usually married off at a young age (12-15). Boys are responsible for herding cattle, instead of enjoying education. Disabled children and children infected with HIV often face neglect due to cultural beliefs and values. These child’s rights violations are treated as normal and accepted in the Pokot culture. Despite the efforts of the government, (international) non-governmental organizations and a handful of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), child protection issues continue to prevail in Amudat. It is from this background that  CCA joined hands with Hope for the Children to enable orphans and vulnerable children to access education, to sensitize parents and caregivers on their responsibilities and to address child protection concerns in the community.

Our partner

In Amudat, we work together with Hope for the Children Foundation. Hope for the Children is a NGO formed in 2014 by a group of local women volunteers and well-wishers, in response to alarming reports of child abuse and neglect in Amudat district. Hope for the Children promotes and advocates for children’s rights and ensures that even the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children access to education. The founders of Hope for the Children are born and raised in Amudat and understand the culture, society, language and challenges of the Pokot population.

Vision: “A society where all children attain and enjoy civil- socio- economic and cultural rights, without discrimination based on sex, race, tribe or religion”

Mission: “To promote, protect and advocate for children’s rights and gender equality”

Shared value: “Every child is my child”

HFC Board, director Dorian Cosijnse and chairperson Wim van Welzen (and his daughter Daniëlle, right)

Our impact in Amudat

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Click here to read an interview with Oliver Namusabi (manager of Hope for the Children).

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