Amudat (Uganda)

Amudat district is inhabited by the traditional Pokot community. Until 2009 the district was a battleground between different tribes. By the end of the decades-long war, there was a lack of pretty much everything; roads, hospitals, schools, etc. Amudat is now partially built and the Pokot are slowly starting to embrace education. While illiteracy is still 95%, a growing share (25%) of children between the ages of 6 and 12 attend primary school.

Female circumcision and forced child marriage are part of the Pokot culture. This is why young girls, often between the ages of 12 and 15, regularly flee. They can no longer safely return to their families and have no means to build a livelihood. Education is the best way to prevent female circumcision and forced marriage. And through education, vocational training and good guidance, these young girls can build a better life.

Boys in the Pokot tribe are traditionally responsible for the livestock. Although parents’ attitudes towards boys’ education are more positive than girls’ education, orphans and boys from remote villages often do not get the chance to complete their education. Child Care Africa joined hands with Hope for the Children Foundation in 2019 to offer orphans and vulnerable children in Amudat a better future.

Our partner in Amudat

In Amudat we work together with Hope for the Children Foundation (HFC). This local foundation was founded in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic and committed people, who were born and raised in Amudat and who know the culture, language, community and issues well. They stand up for the rights of children and ensure that even the most vulnerable children can go to school.

Vision: “A society where all children attain and enjoy civil- socio- economic and cultural rights, without discrimination based on sex, race, tribe or religion”

Mission: “To promote, protect and advocate for children’s rights and gender equality”

Shared value: “Every child is my child”

HFC Board

Our impact in Amudat

2021Primary schoolSecondary schoolTertiary educationTotal
Total564931 1 4
2020Primary schoolSecondary schoolTertiary educationTotal
Total505031 0 3
2019Primary schoolSecondary schoolTertiary educationTotal
Total341404 8

Click here to read an interview with Oliver Namusabi (manager of Hope for the Children).

HFC team