Where we work

CCA focuses on areas in developing countries in Africa where we can really make a difference. These are often remote marginalized areas where illiteracy is high and few children have the opportunity to complete their education due to financial, geographical or cultural barriers. We believe it is important to choose areas where no (or few) other organizations are active in the field of vulnerable children and access to education. CCA is currently working in the Karamoja region of Uganda.

Karamoja, Uganda

Karamoja is a poor, arid and remote area in northeastern Uganda. The area has been ravaged for decades by cattle theft and violent conflict between different ethnic groups. It has only been relatively safe there since 2009. Karamoja is difficult to reach and is often labeled as particularly “primitive” by the national government. It is a “forgotten area”. The population mainly survives on livestock and small-scale farming during the rainy season. However, persistent droughts are making livestock and farming increasingly difficult, leading to rising poverty, food scarcity, despair and alcoholism.

Development rates are particularly low in Karamoja:

  • 61% of the 1.2 million inhabitants live in absolute poverty
  • 95% of the adult population is illiterate
  • 25% of children go to primary school. 7% go to secondary school
  • 2.6% of all young people attend tertiary education, at diploma or university level
  • 86% of all young people have never attended school and are unemployed or in a situation of exploitation
  • Women have an average of 8 children. The risk of dying as a mother after giving birth to a child is double that in other Uganda areas. 10% of children die before the age of 5. The population in Karamoja is young; 15 years is the average
  • 83% of the population has to travel more than 30 minutes to a health post. There is 1 doctor for every 50,000 inhabitants. Karamoja has more food shortages and malnutrition than other areas of Uganda

In Karamoja we work with local partners in the districts of Amudat, Nakapiripit en Nabilatuk. These districts have their similarities, but each has its own character with associated problems. Our programme for children with disabilities serves children from all 9 districts in the Karamoja region.