School are open again !

12 April 2021

Child Care Africa offers 188 vulnerable children and youngsters in Karamoja (Uganda) the possibility to go (back) to school and work on their future. Unfortunately the schools closed in March due to COVID-19, therefore the students were forced to go home.

There is always more to be done

28 March 2021

Child Care Africa offers very vulnerable children and youngsters the possibility to go (back) to school and work on their future. Like orphans, children with a handicap, children growing up in extreme poverty and girls on the run for domestic violence. The children get a good accompaniment, health care, education, meals, clothes and school materials. The number of sponsored students increases rapidly, because the demand for help is huge.

Hunger in Karamoja

26 March 2021

In Karamoja the number of (severe) malnourished children increases. In 2018, ten children under the age of five was malnourished in Karamoja. Meanwhile this number has grown to four out of ten children, 40%. In most cases it is about acute malnutrition, a dangerous condition that hinders the development of the brains. Since the lockdown measures, the locust invasion and continuing draught, hunger and malnutrition has increased.

Three children with a cleft lip

21 March 2021

Children born with a cleft lip experience beside medical also big social consequences, like stigmatisation and superstition. CCA helps these children with, among others, access to medical care.

Vulnerable girls and women earn money with gorgeous jewellery

19 March 2021

The CCA project “Strong together” teaches young girls and women who have a distance to the job market, new skills with which they can make a living in a decent way and can move ahead on their own. In February 35 vulnerable girls and women took part in a training in making beads and jewellery of old paper.