We would like to introduce: Elias and Iris Okiror

16 February 2023

A few months after the tragic car accident (March 26th , 2022) of our director Dorian Cosijnse the Child Care Africa Board started looking around hesitantly for someone who could succeed Dorian.

That was a tough process, to do something you had never imagined and basically hated to do. That is also the reason that it took us some time to push this through. We knew we had to move on while our children in Africa need the attention and because we as a board cannot run the local operations the way they should be attended to.

We are happy that we recently reached agreement with Elias and Iris Okiror to join Child Care Africa. Together they will take the position as Supervisor Scholarship Program. They live in Soroti, Uganda and will visit The Netherlands occasionaly. We wish them a warm welcome in the CCA family and together we will work hard to continue and improve our support for orphans and vulnerable children in Karamoja.

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