Scholarships vulnerable children

Each child has a right to education ! Worldwide 124 million children don’t go to school, the majority lives in Africa. This has extreme consequences for their future and the future of their families, communities and country. In Karamoja, 75% of children don’t go to primary school. 93% never goes to secondary school…

Child Care Africa help the most vulnerable children with access to education, health care and counselling. The scholarship beneficiaries include:

  • Girls who fled female genital mutilation or forced marriage 
  • Victims of child abuse or neglect 
  • Street children and victims of child trafficking 
  • Children with a chronic illness or disability 
  • Orphans 
  • Children in extreme poverty 
  • Children of disabled, sick or elderly parent(s) / guardian(s) 
  • Children of single mothers / widows


Child Care Africa provide for a growing number of vulnerable children and youngsters the possibility to finish their education and work on a better future. For our “scholarship” we select the most vulnerable children, regardless of religion, ethnicity, descend or political preference. On average 60% girls, 40% boys.

Students can influx at different ages and levels and are supported until they have finished their education. Dependent of their achievements and ambitions this can mean a professional training, diploma or university. They stay in a “boarding school” and receive a mattress, soap, sanitary towels, school materials and other necessities.


We pay for all the necessary medical care of our sponsored children. Malaria, typhoid, scabies and bacterial infections are most commonly treated. But we also pay extra attention to malnourished children, children living with HIV or a chronic illness. We pay for medication and visit children regularly at home and in the hospitals.


Our organization supports an increasing number of children. But personal care and attention remain crucial. We invest a lot of time and energy in building a good and trustworthy relationship with our students. We listen and pay attention to their individual needs. We also host group sessions with the sponsored students, to discuss children’s rights, puberty, menstruation and prevention of early pregnancy and STD’s.

The bond between a parent/caretaker and a child is the foundation of a child’s life. Rebuilding or strengthening this relationship is an important aspect of our programme. We actively involve parents and caregivers and motivate them to contribute financially to the education of their children and to prioritize their child’s well-being and future. In addition, we bring a positive impact to the lives of vulnerable parents, mothers and widows in the community by supporting them with income generating activities.

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