Fieldwork always continues

17 June 2021

Schools were closed to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Uganda. This means that our Ugandan colleagues are in the field every day making sure our 188 students and 35 disabled children are safe and doing well!

Conducting field visits is not easy. Our team members ride motorcycles for many hours to visit even the most remote villages. Hopefully to find the students at home… Because most of the parents and caregivers lack phones and proper network to make an appointment in advance.

But, when they finally do find the children, they’re received with open arms. Receiving visitors in Uganda is like receiving a precious gift! And all children in the neighborhood are curious to see the visitors. At times, we bring sugar, soap, salt or other gifts for the children and their families.

During the field visits, our team members talk to the beneficiaries about their well-being and the situation at home. They also take time to talk to neigbors and relatives about the importance of education. Because a child going to school, has a better future.

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