Wim Otte

My name is Wim Otte and, as a new board member, I am looking forward to be engaged in policy on rehabilitation and education in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa – because every human being is valuable. For some people, a disability  hinders growth and prevents them from truly blossoming. A target group I have a soft spot for are deaf children and adolescents. Once they gain access to society – through sign language and education – a part of the disability falls away and they can grow up and participate fully with their hearing peers. CCA enables this access in Guinea-Bissau and I like to contribute to this in a policy oriented manner. In the Netherlands, -as a reformed pastor- I am active within the Interdenominational Deaf Pastorate and I teach epidemiology at the University Medical Centre (UMC) in Utrecht. My wife and I do have two daughters.