Story of Stephen

5 March 2020

Stephen is one of the 80 applicants of the AWARE-CCA scholarship. The 20 years old boy lives in Kaabong with his father and his younger sister Nicolina. Their mother died when the children were still young. Life became difficult for the brother and sister when their father fell ill and lost his eyesight. 

Stephen is a very determined student. He performed excellent when he sat for his primary leaving exam (PLE) in 2016. But his family could not afford the fees and requirements for secondary school. He was forced to repeat the same last class in primary school in 2017, 2018 and 2019. His results were very good every year! In 2019, Stephen’s concerns about the future led him to a suicide attempt. Fortunately, he survived. He spent sleepless nights praying for someone to help him join secondary school. He is convinced that God led him to us and promises to be the most committed and focused student in school.

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