Story of Lillian en Jackline

15 February 2020

Amudat district was characterized by cattle raids and violent conflicts between the native Pokot’s and neighbouring Karamojong and Turkana tribes for decades. These conflicts caused death and despair. Lillian’s father was killed by a Karamojong when he went for a cattle raid in 2009. Her mother re-married a very rich man and became is fifth wife. Lillian’s stepfather has 25 children.

He expressed clearly that he will never use his own money to educate the children of another father. Because, according to Pokot culture, he will not receive the dowry when the girls marry. Lillian’s mother is an intelligent yet illiterate woman. She dreams of a better life for the three daughters who lost their father. She has always tried to educate Lillian, Jackline and Milca, despite pressure from relatives forcing the girls into marriage. One day, she found herself completely broke and unable to pay school fees. She decided to sell one of the goats. When her new husband found out, he responded with a knife to her stomach. Fortunately, she survived the incident.

CCA was able to respond to the family’s misfortune. Lillian (12) and her sister Jackline (10) were enrolled in school. Their sister Milca (14) is still at risk but monitored closely by our local partner Hope for the Children Foundation in Amudat.

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