Story of Joseph

1 November 2019

Joseph (11) lives in a small village in Amudat (Eastern Uganda), with his two brothers and three sisters. A few years ago, Joseph’s mother suddenly fell ill and passed away. Polygamy is accepted in the Pokot culture; most men have several wives. Joseph’s father is no exception: he has a second wife with six more children. Ever since Joseph’s mother passed away, his father stopped coming to their home. He has abandoned them.

The father’s second wife wants nothing to do with the children. Joseph’s sister of only 15 years takes care of all the children, including their mentally disabled elder brother. Life is harsh for Joseph and his five siblings. Joseph decided to change the fate of their family and ran to school. However much the head teacher tried, Joseph refused to leave. Joseph is now part of our programme. The support of CCA has transformed is life and restored hope for his family.

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