Anna’s story

30 August 2021

Anna lost both her parents at a young age, before she started primary school. Anna has no brothers and sisters and grew up with only her grandmother. She went to primary school and managed to score 25 points on the final test. A good score for a girl in her situation. Teachers describe her as active and motivated.

At the age of 18, Anna came to CCA. She really wanted to join secondary school and build a better life for herself through education. She dreams of becoming a nurse. Anna is a very caring girl, so we think nursing school would be a great choice for her.

Anna’s grandmother is now 77 years old. It became increasingly difficult for her to say no to Anna’s uncles, who thought the girl was ready to marry. Anna was afraid of being married off and didn’t want to loose perspective on a better future. She decided to move to our AWARE shelter in Kaabong. She is doing very well there! She cooperates with the other girls in the shelter and takes care of the many disabled children during their stay in the shelter. Making porridge, changing diapers, singing, she does it all with pleasure.

Anna is a sponsor student and volunteer of CCA.

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