Simon’s surgery!

9 December 2021

One of CCA’s focus areas is the care for children with disabilities. The children visit CoRSU hospital in Entebbe, a hospital specialized in the treatment of children with disabilities. Today we share with you the story of 14-year-old Simon.

Genoa valga is an abnormality in which the legs are in an X position. In young children between the ages of 2 and 6, the legs are always slightly in an X position, with the knees tilted inwards. This position usually corrects itself after the 6th year of life. If not, treatment may be necessary. Because 14-year-old Simon’s left leg is very tilted inward, walking became difficult and he experienced a lot of pain in his foot, leg and back. In November 2021, he traveled with a group of other children with disabilities to CoRSU hospital.

Once back home, volunteer Anna came to bring the good news to Simon, his brother Timothy and their grandmother. Simon is scheduled for surgery!

Simon’s surgery went well yesterday and his leg is fixed. He will remain in the hospital for a while with volunteer Paska, his brother Timothy and a number of other children still in treatment. We will continue to monitor him after his discharge from CoRSU hospital.

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