Project: “Kaabong Life Bakery”

17 September 2021

Our plans for the realization of a bakery at the activity and reception center in Kaabong (Karamoja) have been approved! In this article you can read more about the “Kaabong Life Bakery” project.

Project “Kaabong Life Bakery” stems from the desire to offer education, work, income and future prospects to vulnerable teenage girls and women in Karamoja. Three women will participate in a 3-month training program in early 2022 and do internships in bakeries in Tororo, in cooperation with Bake for Life foundation. While the women go to school, CCA will build a bakery at the AWARE shelter and activity center in Kaabong. AWARE provides temporary shelter for vulnerable teenage girls, victims of domestic violence and children with disabilities.

Upon their return, the women will participate in a short CCA course on running a small business. i.a. marketing, financial administration, saving and investing are discussed. After this training, the bakery can start! The baked cookies, cakes and breads can be sold! The compound is strategically located; on the edge of the village center, next to the hospital and next to Kaabong’s largest secondary school.

CCA will agree with the three women that they must repay 50% of the costs of the oven and the materials (EUR 950) within 2 years. A full refund is not realistic as the women are poor and take full care of their children. The 50% own contribution increases self-esteem and ensures that the women also feel responsible for the success of the bakery; there is something to gain and something to lose.

Ultimately, CCA expects the bakery to provide education, work, income and future prospects to dozens of girls and women in the coming years. The 3 trained women can transfer their skills to others and run the bakery together.

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