Hajarah & Esther treated for eye disease

2 September 2021

Hajarah (11) and Esther (18) are both sponsored by CCA. They have recently been treated at St. Benedict eye hospital in Tororo.

Esther’s story

Esther lost both her parents at the age of 8 in a very tragic way. Esther and her 7 brothers and sisters were subsequently divided among different family members. Esther has a good relationship with her aunt Anna, with whom she grew up. She took care of Esther and has always done her utmost to send Esther to school. When Esther finished 4th class of secondary school, she asked us for help. School fees (class 5 + 6) were too high for her aunt. Esther works hard and wants to become a doctor when she grows up.

Hajarah’s story

Hajarah lives with her mother and 3 brothers and sisters in the center of Amudat. Their house is very old and dilapidated. Haja’s mother is caring and involved. She wants to offer her children opportunities that she never had growing up. She is illiterate. Fortunately, CCA can support at least one of her children. Hajarah is in the 6th class of primary school.

Eye disease

Both girls have long suffered from their vision, their eyes were often swollen and painful. When we took the girls to St. Benedict Eye Hospital in Tororo, it turned out that they had both been walking around with an inflamed infected cornea for far too long. They were helped with surgery, special eye drops and special glasses. It is now slowly getting better.

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