Boy with albinism

14 November 2020

Emmanuel (8) is a smart, sweet boy. He lives in Kaabong (Karamoja, Uganda) with his single mother and two sisters. At his birth his mother got the fright of her life.

Emmanuel is an Albino. He is raised in a loving family, but is bullied regularly by children in their neighbourhood and at school. The bright sunlight in Kaabong causes sunburn and blisters. In addition Emmanuel struggles with sight, especially outdoors in the bright sunlight. Fortunately we can offer Emmanuel and his family support together with our local partner AWARE. Emmanuel got sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap to protect him against the bright sun. We will keep supporting him , educationally, socially and medically. Emmanuel and his mother are overwhelmed with happiness.

This is an example ot the help we can offer by private donations. Will you help us offering support to vulnerable children?

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