Vulnerable girls and women earn money with gorgeous jewellery

19 March 2021

The CCA project “Strong together” teaches young girls and women who have a distance to the job market, new skills with which they can make a living in a decent way and can move ahead on their own. In February 35 vulnerable girls and women took part in a training in making beads and jewellery of old paper.

The participants

In Karamoja we regularly meet women and mother who long for a better life for themselves and for their children. They have no education, are often illiterate and have few possibilities to improve their economic status. It is for these women hard to generate sufficient income to pay for the care and education for their children. Especially if they are on their own or get little help from their husband. The gathering of firewood, charcoal or collecting Aloe Vera don’t generate sufficient money. For women with a physical or intellectual limitation, it is extra hard to build up a good living.

Together with our local partner AWARE we take care of girls who run a risk to get forced into an arranged marriage. They go to school and stay in our shelter during the vacations. These girls live as one big family together with the handicapped children who find temporary shelter there. For example to get stronger for a surgery, or to recover afterwards. Everybody helps each other and takes care of each other. The shelter is a safe and happy place.

The training

In three days’ time Grace, a amazing trainer from Kampala, taught the group of 35 participants all aspects of the job. From rolling the beads ‘till lacquering and stringing them. Every one took part in it, young and old, handicapped or not. Watch the you tube video of the training.

Theresa (45) says: “I have never been to school. I am very sorry about that. …. I am in a wheelchair and that is why it is hard to find a job. But with this training I get the chance to learn something new. I like making beads ! It is a nice activity and I would like to continue. I hope it will make enough money to renew my broken corrugated roof.

This project is made possible with the help of Taka Tuka Foundation.

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