Update: Esther’s story

16 July 2021

Esther (13) suffered severe burns as a baby when she had an accident with fire. She burned her right arm and both hands. Unfortunately, her family had no money to take Esther to the hospital. Now, 13 years later, Esther is sponsored by CCA. We also help her with treatments at CoRSU, a hospital specialized in the care of children with disabilities.


Esther comes from a traditional Pokot family. Life revolves around the livestock and all the children help at home. Only Esther’s brother was allowed to go to school by her father. Esther’s mother felt sorry for her disabled daughter. With the proceeds from the sale of Aloe Vera, she tried to support her daughter to go to school. Esther always seized the opportunity to go to school. Especially when we included her in our sponsorship program in 2019 and brought her to a better school in Amudat town. Esther is now in the penultimate class of primary school. She is doing well and has many friends at school.

Specialist care

In 2019, CCA traveled for the first time with Esther and her mother to CoRSU hospital in Entebbe. They were amazed at all the new things they saw along the way: multi-storey buildings, factories, the River Nile and Lake Victoria. Upon arrival at CoRSU, Esther was examined by the plastic surgeon. Good news! She had surgery a week later! With skin from her thigh and some pins, her right arm was straightened and repaired. A considerable operation, from which the girl had to recover for more than a month in CoRSU. After the surgery, Esther returned to CoRSU several times with her mother and our team for review.

The recovery went well. Esther was given exercises and a large jar of vaseline to keep the joints flexible. Now, 1.5 years after the first surgery, we see a world of difference. Esther’s arm functions well. She says: “I am very happy. Now I can help my mother at home with washing clothes, dirty dishes and other chores.” As soon as the corona measures are relaxed, CCA will travel to CoRSU again with Esther. She would like to discuss with the doctor what can be done on her left hand which still has bend fingers.

Esther’s shows her left hand

Esther’s father’s attitude has changed enormously. When we got to know him, he was negative. He wanted nothing to do with girls’ education. But now he happily sends Esther to school, with a kilo of sugar and ash yogurt. This yogurt is fermented by Pokot women themselves with the ashes of the “cromwo” tree. It is an important source of nutrition for the Pokot. Esther’s father encourages her to study and obtain good grades.

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