Update: covid-19 in Uganda

6 September 2020

Meanwhile the number of Covid-19 cases in Uganda has increased to 3,667. At this moment there are still 859 active cases. 1,608 Persons cured from the virus. According to data from the Ministry of Health, 33 persons died from the virus.

The following Covid-19 measures are still valid and are strictly maintained :

  • Gathering of more than 30 persons are forbidden (also in churches and mosques).
  • Travelling is only permitted with a mouth mask and at an appropriate distance. This means that public transport is more expensive because only half of the places are taken.
  • Schools are closed
  • The airport is closed and the borders stay closed for the time being. There is a mandatory quarantine of 14 days upon arrival.

Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the government threatens with a new lockdown. This prospect makes the population scared. The economy has been shut down for months and poverty has increased enormously. Speculations about the political importance of the Covid-19 measures considering the 2021 elections are vivid. Bobi Wine ( a 38-year singer and political leader) will go agains Yoweri Museveni ( the 75-year old president, in power since 1986)

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