Update: bakery for disabled Ronald

4 February 2021

In July CCA placed a call for the realisation of a bakery for a disabled boy from Uganda. The 28 year old Ronald learned to bake bread at the Catholic Church and very much wanted to start his own bakery in Soroti.

With the help of CCA and visitors of the Supp website, the required amount of 290 euro’s was raised. We are very grateful to all who have donated to this cause. For this amount of money, we were able to buy:

  • A big charcoal stove
  • 50 kg charcoal
  • A big pan
  • A wooden table
  • A wooden chair
  • 25 kg sugar
  • 20 ltr oil
  • 24 kg flour
  • Baking powder, vanilla and other ingredients
  • Knife, bowl, rolling pin, cooking utensils.
  • Basins and soap
  • A CCA baker’s apron
  • The first 3 months rent for Ronald’s shop

Ronald thanks the donors from the bottom of his heart and says: “I am very happy. I can not express my happiness in words. I felt useless and had no goal in life. I was forced to beg for my food. Now I can earn my own money. God bless you all!”

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