UN delegation visits Amudat

16 September 2020

This week a delegation of the United Nation visits Karamoja to talk about developing aid. The delegation visits several projects of international and local developing organisations. Among which Kalas girls, the school that acts as “rescue centre” for girls on the run from circumcision and arranged marriages.

Last Wednesday the UN delegation visited the Kalas girls, the Catholic school for girls in Amudat. During the year the school receives support from the UN organisations concerning school meals and school provisions. CCA sponsors a growing number of vulnerable students in Kalas, of which some stay in the school during vacations as a safety measure. They receive food, toiletries, clothes, medical care and good counselling. Furthermore we contribute to the surveillance of the premises and the loving care of Sister Proscovia Natenge and her colleagues.

During her speech Rosa Malango gave thanks to all organisations that commit themselves to the development of Amudat, and specifically the help for girls on the run for circumcision, arranged marriages and violence. “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation”, she added. Education improves the future of these girls and contributes to a emancipated and prosperous community. Goals that are of great importance to the UN. The local government joined with these words and promised to keep committing themselves for these vulnerable girls and the banning of harmful traditions in the Pokot culture.

Our local partner Hope fot the Children received an appreciation for the important work they perform with the help of Child Care African and our donors in Amudat. The girls sang, danced and shared their stories with the audience.

Read here the remarkable story of Oliver Namusabi, manager of Hope for the Children Foundation. She commits herself with great passions and perseverance to the children in Amudat.

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