Three children with a cleft lip

21 March 2021

Children born with a cleft lip experience beside medical also big social consequences, like stigmatisation and superstition. CCA helps these children with, among others, access to medical care.

Evaline and her daughter

Evaline’s first child was born with a cleft lip 8 months ago. The family did not want to see the child and is convinced that God punishes her. Breastfeeding is difficult and when we meet Evaline her baby is malnourished. In CoRSU hospital the young mother is taught to feed her daughter with a bottle with a special porridge. For over a month Evaline and her child have stayed in our shelter in Kaabong for extra attention and care. Meanwhile their situation is getting better ! Hopefully the little girl can have surgery over time.

Betty and Lokapel had surgery.

In February two other children with cleft lip, Betty (3) and Lokapel (4), had surgery. The result is very pretty. Betty’s mother tells us: Since Betty’s birth I was laughed at by my husband’s other wives. They treated me badly and the people in our village look differently at my daughter. She is being left out. Since the surgery I have full confidence that my daughter will go to school and lead a normal life without all the bullying. I am extremely happy and grateful for that.

Help children with a cleft lip.

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