There is always more to be done

28 March 2021

Child Care Africa offers very vulnerable children and youngsters the possibility to go (back) to school and work on their future. Like orphans, children with a handicap, children growing up in extreme poverty and girls on the run for domestic violence. The children get a good accompaniment, health care, education, meals, clothes and school materials. The number of sponsored students increases rapidly, because the demand for help is huge.

We started well over 2 years ago in Amudat with 30 students. This number grew to 48 in 2019. Meanwhile we help 108 students in Amudat. But not just in Amudat we are committed to vulnerable children. In Kaabong we now help 80 students. In total already 188 students.

In February we placed a call at schools, churches and at central places in Kaabong. All students who are at home because of poverty but actually would love to go to a secondary school, could sign up for our sponsor program. In the letters they describe the poignant home situation. Each and every student is eager to go to school and is willing to work hard for their future lives. These are letters full of pain and hope. Non less than 311 boys and girls signed up. And we have only room for 20 new students.

This means that we have to make heart breaking choices. Inhumane choices. A pile with yes and a pile with no’s. A chance – no chance. A beautiful future – probably not a beautiful future.

May be we can admit a number of extra students in our program with your help ?

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