Our first graduate!

4 January 2021

Child Care Africa foundation met Judith early 2020 in Kaabong. Her story touched our hearts. Judith has always had a great interest in education. She enjoyed going to school and attained good results. Judith’s dreams however were not supported by some of her family members. In Karamoja, young girls and women are often forced to marry young, in exchange for a dowry. 
Judith’s aunt and some well-wishers in the community supported her dream. They helped her to study and complete school.

In 2019, in the final year of her course in “Social Mobilization & Development”, Judith got stuck. She did not have any financial means to complete her course. She decided to volunteer with AWARE, our partner organization in Kaabong. That is where we met this driven, enthusiastic and passionate young lady. With our help, Judith graduated her course. She is motivated to help her community develop.

We have faith in Judith and we are convinced she will be an added value to Karamoja. Judith will remain involved in CCA and AWARE’s work in Karamoja. 

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