New cleft cases arrive in our center

17 August 2021

In collaboration with local partners, CCA has already been able to provide assistance to 35 children with disabilities in CoRSU hospital. And the group of children continues to grow. Last week, another 5 mothers with children with cleft lip and palate arrived at our center in Kaabong.

One of the children was very weak, malnourished and sick. He sadly passed away at the local hospital. A difficult and tragic moment for everyone.

The other 4 children are slowly (re-)gaining strenght in our center, where they receive good nutritious porridge and milk under supervision. They can go to the adjacent hospital for medication. The four children will travel to CoRSU with their mothers and our staffs this week. With a simple surgery, we can improve the health and living conditions of these children and their families enormously.

A total of 7 children with cleft lip and palate will travel to CoRSU this week. Hopefully they can be operated on soon. Because surgery of cleft children makes a drastic difference!

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