Mosquito nets for CCA students

6 February 2021

Malaria is still one of the major health issues in Uganda. 30-50% of all hospital visits lead to the diagnosis malaria. 20% Of all deaths in hospitals are caused by malaria. For children under the age of 5 this is even 27%. In reality the problem is much worse because many people with malaria related complaints do not visit the hospital and die at home.

The prevalence of malaria is higher in the north of Uganda. This is probably due to the existence of water holes, cattle and natural vegetation.

The knowledge of the local population in Karamoja about preventing malaria is very limited. Often local remedies are being used to cure the disease, which do not always work out well. Medicine and mosquito nets are relatively expensive, especially for families who hardly earn enough for a decent meal. Only if the patient is in a really bad condition, a visit to the hospital will be considered. It is often too late by then.

Malaria frequently occurs among CCA sponsor students and our fellow workers and local partners. The disease causes high fevers, shivering, excessive sweating, headaches, aching muscles, and loss of appetite. These symptoms weaken the patient rapidly.

We are very happy that we could purchase a mosquito net for all of our students for € 2,== a child. In any case they now sleep well protected and the risk of malaria has been decreased.

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