Moses lives with a foster family

12 August 2021

Moses is a sweet and thoughtful boy of 17 years old. He is the eleventh and last child of his mother, who worked for many years as a teacher at a primary school in Kenya. Moses was born with a disability. But his disability has never stopped him from wanting to participate in everything and working hard in school. Moses is driven and gets very good grades.

Moses has not seen his father for a long time. His father has two other wives and spends a lot of time with his youngest wife and their small children in Kenya. Moses’ sisters are already married and his brothers no longer live at home. When Moses was left in Uganda by his mother to care for her chronically ill daughter in Kenya, he was very sad. He feels forgotten and abandoned.

He lived alone for months in a dilapidated self-built house on his uncle’s land. But a conflict with a neighboring tribe arose over the piece of land on which he lived, making it no longer safe for Moses. He became displaced. Fortunately, Moses found shelter with another relative. But the family is very poor and survives on 1 meal a day. It proved difficult for the family to feed an extra mouth.

When Robert, our Hope for the Children employee, visited Moses, he burst into tears. It all became too much for him. He is determined to complete his education, but feels alone and abandoned at home. To recover we decided to transfer him to a foster home. Moses is now lovingly cared for by Pastor Jennifer, a relative of the board of HFC in Amudat. He can’t wait for schools to reopen…

Moses with other sponsored students at school

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