Making necklaces and relaxing in the girls’ shelter

13 September 2020

In Amudat we and “Hope for the Children Foundation” support vulnerable children and youths. The number grows rapidly. Mainly girls on the run for circumcision or an arranged marriage know where to find us. In August another 17 grils were added to the group. Once at school, the girls can no longer go back home safely.

We take in these girls in the catholic school for girls “Kalas girls”, where loving nuns take care of the girls the whole year. This weekend the girls made necklaces and bracelets together. This distraction is very important because many of these girls are traumatised. They cannot leave the school ground and stay safe. They miss their home, their brothers and sisters. They find support from each other, the nuns and our local partners. At the moment 26 girls stay in the Amudat shelter.

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