Jackline scores on primary school final test

30 July 2021

The impact of corona on education in Uganda is huge. Pupils from the last class of primary school were able to take their exams, but with far fewer lessons and preparation. All the more impressive that Jackline, sponsored by CCA, has successfully completed primary school! Jackline is the only CCA student to graduate from primary school this year.

Jackline comes from a special family. Her father, Mr. Yarangole, was a respected clan leader in the Pokot community. Almost all of his children went to school; the girls and the boys. He was a strong supporter of education and spoke openly about it. With his influence he has been able to convince many parents of the importance of education for the future of their children. When Yarangole died of asthma in 2020, his wife was left alone with 10 children. She tried her best, but couldn’t promise her daughter that she would be able to go to secondary school. That uncertainty caused Jackline a lot of stress. Fortunately, we can offer Jackline the opportunity to continue learning and make her dreams come true. She has completed her primary education and will go to secondary school as soon as possible.

Jackline with her brother, sister and mother

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