Isaac was shot by a warrior

16 August 2021

The Karamoja region was the battleground between different tribes for many years. The struggle for land and livestock still regularly causes casualties, even after the disarmament in 2009. Last weekend, an innocent 13-year-old boy was shot. Isaac is an orphan and was working in someone’s shop at the time of the shooting. He was hit in the upper arm and luckily survived this incident. He was taken to hospital in Kaabong by his aunt. There the boy told his story to our social worker Judith. CCA immediately took action.

Today Judith travels with Isaac and his aunt to Matany hospital. This hospital is run by the Catholic Church and it is the best hospital in the Karamoja region. We hope that Isaac will get good medical care there. The police and military are working together to capture these violent warlords and seize weapons. In the meantime, we urge our employees and students to stay indoors during (twilight) dark and to call in help immediately if there is a threat.

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