Hunger in Karamoja

26 March 2021

In Karamoja the number of (severe) malnourished children increases. In 2018, ten children under the age of five was malnourished in Karamoja. Meanwhile this number has grown to four out of ten children, 40%. In most cases it is about acute malnutrition, a dangerous condition that hinders the development of the brains. Since the lockdown measures, the locust invasion and continuing draught, hunger and malnutrition has increased.

Since December CCA has run in co-operation with AWARE a shelter for handicapped children, where they can get stronger for their surgery. Increasingly we receive mother with serious malnourished children in the shelter. Without a handicap, but yet extremely vulnerable. Often a combination of poverty, lack of food and neglect. We help these children with good nutrition and their admission in a local hospital. We do our utmost to save the lives of these children. Unfortunately this helps is often too late. Extreme difficult moments for all of us.

Help malnourished children…!

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