Drastic surgery

30 January 2021

Logiel (13) is a sweet and smart girl, born with a very rare disease Macrodactyly. Fingers and toes are, from birth, abnormally large, due to overgrowth of the bones and soft tissue. In Logiel’s case her left arm, in particular, her hand, is extremely large.

The condition made Logiel live in social isolation. She used to avoid people and was afraid of their reaction. She was ashamed of her arm. Logiel walks around wrapped in a big Karmojong cloth, under which she hides her arm. Her shame holds her back from going to school.

Apart from shame and stigma, Logiel told us: “My arm is very heavy. If I walk a lot my shoulder hurts at night. It is difficult to wash myself. The arm is a burden to me, which I carry each day.

The doctor in CoRSU told Logiel in December 2020 that Macrodactyly can not be treated. Amputation is the only option. Logiel and her father then decided to return to Kaabong first to consult the family and the clan. Within the family disagreement arose but Logiel was certain. She wanted to have surgery.

In January CCA travelled with Logiel and 9 other children with a handicap to CoRSU. She had a conversation with a doctor, a psychiatrist , and the medical team. Fortunately she could have surgery the other day. Logiel’s surgery went well and she is recovering from the hospital and AWARE center.

Logiel and a number of vulnerable children with a handicap will be sponsored in a boarding school. By letting the children go to school together, CCA hopes that they will feel at home quicker.

Logiel is positive about the future!

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