Corona in Uganda

25 March 2020

The Corona virus (or COVID-19) is a global pandemic that is targeting especially the elderly and sickly population. The Ugandan government is taking serious measures to prevent the further outbreak of the corona virus. 

Uganda has closed all borders and schools, churches, restaurants and other public gathering places are closed since the 19th of march. Assemblies for more than 20 people are prohibited and people are advised to keep at least 1.5 meters distance from each other. Markets remain open, but measurements are in place to prevent the further outbreak of the virus. 

Our students were informed by the different schools about the symptoms of Corona (running nose, sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing). Schools remain closed for at least one month. Whether this period will be extended and what it means for this school year remains unknown. The girls at risk (of forced marriage, female genital mutilation or unwanted pregnancy), are kept safe by our local partners. We work in close collaboration with our local partners to ensure the safety and protection of our students during this unexpected and critical time.

The families of all the affected people are in our prayer.

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