Assembly for students in Amudat

3 December 2020

Together with our local partner Hope for the Children in Amudat we have again finished a very successful vacation program. All sponsored primary and secondary students and our sponsored students got together for 3 days and nights at Katikit.

The students have been at home since March, due to Corona measurements, without any education. It was for the students extra special to be together again in a classroom. Rose (9) says: “Since the schools have closed and everyone was sent home, I haven’t seen my friends any more. They come from very far away. I loved being together with them again and to play and follow lessons. “

During the vacation program, a delegation of the local authorities was present. They encouraged the students to focus on their education and future and they taught the students about their rights and responsibilities. Thus was spoken about right of education, health care, nutrition and safety. With the students of 10 years and older, subjects like monthly periods, sexuality and the prevention of HIV, SDT’s and unwanted pregnancies, were discussed. All students were tested on HIV. All girls older than twelve took a pregnancy test. Finally all students older than 10 years signed a contract with Child Care Africa and Hope for the Children. In this contract the student promises to do her best at school and show a good motivations and character. All students sponsored in secondary school promise to support a student

at a primary school after their graduation. This is how they contribute to the permanence of our project. The students agreed with all regulations in the contract and signed with pleasure.

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