Mija den Hartog

My name is Mija den Hartog, I am 42 years old and married to Kees. We have two beautiful daughters (9 and 7 years).

At the age of 17 I started the optics training and worked as an optician for a number of years. After a few years, I was had the opportunity to contribute to reducing poverty by applying for a vacancy at Woord en Daad. I ended up in the department responsible for the sponsorship program. I am grateful for that experience and the opportunities to grow. 

My position as manager of this program came to an end when we moved to Indonesia. We spent seven years there, working for, among others, the Oikonomos Foundation. I saw the challenges of reducing poverty and enhancing social security. Back from Indonesia I went back working as an optician, and completed training to become a hearing care professional. My desire to contribute, not only in improving quality of life here, but also to be there for the ones with the fewest opportunities further away, are fulfilled now that I get to work for CCA as an office manager. 

I look forward to contributing to the great work of CCA. To be a link between the donors involved and the partner organisations on the ground. But most of all, I hope to see lives changing because children have future prospects again and know that they are valuable with or without a disability.