Jolanda Rietveld

I am Jolanda Rietveld, 50 years old and live in Benschop. I am married to Willy Rietveld, he is a board member of CCA. We have three daughters, two of whom still live at home.
My work experience is very varied, I have worked for an insurance company for 21 years. For the past 6 years I have been working at the Evangelical school. In addition, I have done various volunteer work, at my sports club, choir, church and at our children’s primary school. In my free time I like to travel and to play volleyball.

I visited Uganda last October with Willy and saw how beautiful it is. I found CCA’s work there to be very rewarding. We visited a few hospitals. A child can really develop and dream again if he or she is operated on for a cleft lip or clubfoot. As we visited schools, we were welcomed and it was heartwarming to see how grateful people were for the assistance we provided. And also how grateful the students are for the things that are becoming very common here in the western world.

Therefore, I am happy to start as a fundraiser for CCA and to put my energy into finding financial resources to ensure that this wonderful work can continue and even better, to ensure that even more Ugandan children can benefit. As excited as I am, I plan to make others see that it is a blessing to have the possibility to help children. With our help, these children are able to help their communities in return.