Rehabilitation program

25 April 2023

Frank has already done a lot of work in the field of rehabilitation. His work focuses on the following 3 priorities:

1. Provide education and training to local leaders and workers to help them better recognize physical and mental disabilities and know what is and is not treatable. There is a lack of knowledge about this and the stigma about these children is a problem. By focusing on this, we want to reduce the stigma and organize better care. Part of this is also that three CCA workers follow a 4-month training course on “Community Based Rehabilitation”. In the first months of 2023, we were able to identify about 100 new children so that they can receive appropriate medical care. 

2. Organize medical care, such as ensuring that children and young people are operated on and possibly receive aids, such as special shoes, crutches and wheelchairs. In the first months of 2023, we were able to help about 15 new children. 

3. Education focuses on providing inclusive education as much as possible, also for blind and deaf children. In this way, all children can participate and by coming into contact with each other. Children learn early on that children with disabilities are also ordinary children. This education also focuses on young people who receive vocational training so that they can generate an income. 

We are pleased with Frank’s knowledge and energy in the field of rehabilitation!

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