Lokapel (4) has been through a lot

23 May 2021

Child Care Africa helps the most vulnerable children with access to education, health care, safety and guidance. Today the story of Lokapel (4).

Lokapel (4 years) was born with cleft lip and palate. His mother has serious psychological problems. His father is old and has 5 wives and over 30 children. This is how Lokapel ended up in his uncle’s family as a baby. The boy was very malnourished when we first saw him. The look in his eyes was empty. His feet were covered with jiggers (parasites that lay eggs under the skin and cause painful infected wounds).

When we leave for CoRSU with Lokapel, he turns out to be too weak for an operation. He receives a large package with porridge, milk, sugar, dried fish and other important foodstuffs and is housed in our shelter. There Lokapel is lovingly cared for by Anna, Judith and Martha.

On our next visit, two weeks later, he runs happily to meet us. He plays, jokes and is energetic. As a 4 year old should be. Good nutrition and care makes a world of difference! After reaching his target weight, Lokapel was ready for surgery. A small operation with a huge impact!

Lokapel said that before the operation he sometimes compared himself to a stray dog. He had to beg for his food, was very dirty and had fleas and parasites. He was ashamed and felt very alone. Now, in the safe shelter of AWARE, he feels human again. Impressive words, especially for a 4-year-old child.

Lokapel now happily participates every morning in the kindergarten classes that are given at AWARE. He feels at home and will soon join primary school!

Lokapel before surgery

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