About our Logo

3 October 2020

Our logo – with it’s colors, shape and design – has a strong and special meaning.


The colors were inspired by the pan-African colors; red, yellow and green. These three colors are common in the flags of many African countries. The colors stand for unity in Africa, and had an important meaning in the decolonialization and African independence wars around 1960.

Helping hand

Our foundation supports vulnerable children and youth in Africa. We give them a helping hand and support them to work towards a brighter future. A future with more economic security, better opportunities and living conditions. A future that lies in the hands of children, families, local partners and communities. We support, but they remain ultimately responsible for their own future.


In the center of our logo, she shape of the African continent. We concentrate on Africa, specifically on the poorest regions in the poorest countries. Regions where few children enjoy education, due to economic, cultural and geographical boundaries.


Children are at the center of our work, hence “Child Care Africa”. We designed a child-friendly and positive logo. Beautiful colors, happy shapes and easy to recognize.

So, that’s the story behind our logo. We appreciate and thank Niklas Reiprich for volunteering to make this beautiful design!

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