Interview Oliver Namusabi

Can you start by introducing yourself?

My name is Oliver Namusabi. I was born in Uganda in 1991, in Amudat district specifically. I am the founder and manager of Hope for the Children Foundation. I am the third born in a family of six children. My mother is a midwife and my father is a serious business man and a farmer. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my son, to sing in our church choir and to cook and eat nice food.

Why did you start Hope for the Children?

I got a revelation from God. I realized there are many challenges in Amudat, not being handled by other organizations. Our partners are doing good development work; they raise awareness about FGM, teach communities about HIV, help them to grow crops and many other things. But they are not specifically focused on children.

When I was young, missionaries from America helped me to study and complete university. I wanted to give other children the same opportunities. I joined hands with mothers from my community to give hope to children who do not have any hope. I am a mother myself and I grew up in Amudat, I know the challenges in our community and I am motivated to make a difference.

Oliver Namusabi

How do you feel about the partnership with CCA?

CCA has strengthened and supported our vision and mission. Before CCA, we were a group of people with a dream to help children in Amudat to go to school. But we did not have the experience, funds and donors to realize our dreams and vision. CCA made a big difference!

I am happy to work with CCA. When we started this programme, we did not have substantial experience. We are happy with the mentorship and support CCA has given us, to stand and be stable. We are like sisters, which makes CCA our sister organization.

Most donors just bring their money but don’t think of building the capacity of an organization to learn how to stand on its own. It is through the mentorship of CCA and the challenges that we encounter that we learn to move forward. I am really proud of Hope for the Children and our team for how far we have come.

What is your dream?

Our programme targets the problems affecting many children within and outside of Amudat. I want Hope for the Children to grow into a center of support for children and women from Karamoja and the Northern region of Uganda. I want to help street children in Mbale, Kampala and Iganga. Most of those children come from our region of Karamoja. In our culture, parents are still rigid about education. They preserve girls for dowry and want the boys to take care of the cattle. But step by step we are creating impact. We now have a story to tell. The cooperation with CCA has opened doors for more funding from other donors interested in supporting children.

I look forward to the day our children receive their diploma’s. I really hope that all sponsored children will complete their education and bring a positive influence in the community. I hope more dreams can become realities through the support of CCA.

What do you love about your work?

I love children. If they are happy, I’m happy. If we are together, we are all happy!