Interview Gerard Mouw

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Gerard Mouw. I was born in 1962 in Putten, where I still live. I married Betty in 1981 and we have 7 beautiful children. They all have a partner.

I started working for an accountancy firm when I graduated secondary school, meanwhile following evening courses in business administration. I currently work in finance in a number of companies, projects and foundations.

In my free time, I love to read, listen to music, ride my motorbike and to travel. Travelling is not a hobby, its a passion.

Gerard Mouw

Why did you become a board member of CCA?

In 2016, I worked with Wim on a beekeeping project in Lira, Uganda. It was challenging, but I enjoyed the combination of achieving results and working with people. Wim asked me to join the team of CCA. I was immediately excited!

What do you think you can contribute to CCA?

First of all, as a treasurer, I ensure the adequate and correct financial reporting of our programmes. Secondly, I visit the programme areas and train and coach local partners. I help them to improve their accountability and administration.

Why is CCA’s work important?

I have travelled a lot and seen the difficult living conditions and lack of future prospects of many children in Africa. They lack food, water, healthcare and other basic needs. CCA not only improves access to basic needs, but also improves the future prospects of those children. Education can really have a huge impact! I am happy to contribute.

What do you want to say to (potential) donors?

Counselling and educating vulnerable children, provides them with important knowledge and skills. Skills to make the right decisions and to realize their full potential. A small contribution can have a crucial and positive influence on the future of those vulnerable children and youth.