Harriet Walhout

Role CCA: board secretary
Position of work: director at Helix Academy – trainer for real estate and housing
Education: Bachelor’s degree in the financial sector

Who are you and what is your background?

My name is Harriet Walhout and I am 44 years old. I’am living for 25 years with my husband Maarten in Gouda. Our family consists of our 4 children: a daughter and three sons. I’m a real family person; I really like the coziness and the ‘competition’ that family life brings. Together with my husband I have been a member of the church of ‘Sint Jan’ in Gouda for about 25 years.
Our faith and church involvement are an important foundation in our lives.

After I completed the pre-university education, I followed a bachelor’s degree specifically for the banking and insurance sector. In the 7 years that followed, I used this knowledge in my work as account manager at ING Bank. After that, I started as a training manager within the WVS group and in my current position I am still working within the training sector.

How did you get involved with CCA?

I have been working for several years now at Helix, which is part of the WVS group. CCA was set up from the same WVS group; I saw first hand how the CCA-founders work closely with local Ugandan partners to carry out their special work, to which I also wanted to contribute! About two years ago, I therefore started as a member of the fundraising team for CCA, with the aim of collaborating with other
volunteers from the Netherlands to increase CCA’s financial strength. With great pleasure I have recently started in the role of board secretary.

What is your motivation for volunteering for CCA?

I feel blessed and privileged. I am grateful for the place in the world I was Born and the opportunities that were given to me, including health, family and a nice job. This
wealth makes me think: how can I, from this privileged position and from my Christian vision of life, contribute to people who have less opportunities than I’ve had? This makes me unable to sit still and enthusiastically dedicate myself to CCA. The fact that CCA focuses on local initiatives and enters into cooperation with local partners appeals to me. I am convinced that this will really make a difference (with regard to sustainability) in the long run. From my work experience, I know the importance of good education. Great that we from CCA make education more accessible to the most vulnerable children in Africa!

What knowledge and experience will you add to CCA?

In recent years I have gained experience in managing an organization and making policy. In addition, I am flexible, good in organizing things and enthusing people. Knowledge and experience that will hopefully be of added value within the board of CCA.

What is your wish for CCA for the next 5 years?

The sudden death of CCA director Dorian in 2022 was a major blow to her family and close friends, but also for the foundation. The continuity of the foundation came suddenly to be under pressure. I feel blessed that we found opportunities to continue in the past year. Specifically that Frank, Elias and Iris are getting started in the months to come as coordinators for the foundation. My wish is that CCA can be further expanded and has sufficient financial resources available to make dreams come true for large groups of vulnerable children in Africa . How wonderful it would be when we can offer these children a future perspective by giving them access to education, health care, safety and good guidance. Finally, it is my wish that the work of CCA will even have a bigger impact in the longer term; that the CCA programs not only improve the children’s lives, but also make a positive contribution to their families, the community in which they live and the country.