Edwin van Os

Position CCA: Treasurer
Position of work:  Branch director at an advisory and accountancy firm
Education: Accountancy

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Edwin van Os. I am 54 years old and work at an accounting firm. Together with my wife Eline we have four children, two of whom are foster children. Together we live in Benschop, a quiet village in the province of Utrecht.

Edwin with his family

How did you get involved with CCA?

Actually through Willy Rietveld. We play volleyball together and go to the same church. He always talked enthusiastically about CCA’s work. So when Gerard Mouw wanted to hand over his work as treasurer at CCA, I felt as my call to help. There are so many children who need help, close by, but also far away. For “far away”, CCA has now come my way.

What makes your heart beat faster?

I like to work with numbers. But my heart really beats faster when I can combine my love of numbers with a generally useful goal. I’ve been on a lot of different boards, such as the administration of our children’s school, regional politics, housing and our church.

And now a foundation focused on the development of African communities?

Yes, that’s a new path for me. I look forward to contribute to a foundation that provides assistance in Africa. Being involved locally is wonderful, of course, but aid to Africa is perhaps 100 times more necessary. I like to do this at a foundation that is also present in Africa and builds something beautiful together with the local population.

What are you going to work on?

The board of CCA determines the policy of the foundation and at the same time ensures that the funds end up in the right place and are spent in the right way. In my role, I look at our own expenses and the expenses of our local partners. I will also travel to Africa to go through the finances and look at the accounts with the people there. Of course, I’m also really looking forward to meet the children.

Why is CCA’s work so important?

In the lives of the students CCA sponsors, nothing can be taken for granted. Education, health care, food, a safe home, often lacking everything. I find the stories and the photos of the children with disabilities special. These children are poor, often grow up without parents, are at risk of violence and child marriage and also live with a disability. But at a limited cost they can be helped, go to school and build a bright future. That’s the core of CCA; provide assistance to the most vulnerable children, where it is most needed.

What is your wish for CCA?

That the drive and enthusiasm of the people from and behind CCA is contagious to the environment. That others become enthusiastic and involved, allowing CCA to continue and expand the good work for years to come. Until we have a world where our work is no longer needed…