Sustainable income

A safe and comfortable family situation is incredibly important for the development of vulnerable children. Child Care Africa helps parents and caregivers of sponsored students to take responsibility and to work towards a good foundation for their children.

With small-scale “Take Steps” projects, CCA gives vulnerable parents and carers the opportunity to escape poverty through work and education and build a better life for their families. Think of making jewelry, baking bread or starting your own restaurant.


  • Parents and carers discover new talents and receive training and education
  • Work and income contributes to the self-esteem, resilience and self-reliance of the parents and caregivers
  • An increase in household income means that families can provide basic needs such as food and shelter and save money for education and healthcare

Do you want to help families living in extreme poverty to take steps towards self-reliance?

For more information about the “Take Steps” projects, please contact us.

Contribute directly? Transfer your contribution to NL55 RABO 0349 8451 82, mentioning: Take Steps