Girls shelter en Safety

Children’s rights

We work together with our local partners to defend the rights of children. We discuss children’s rights in the communities and work together with clan leaders, police, mosques, churches and community volunteers to abandon harmful traditional practices and to protect children from abuse, trafficking, girl circumcision and forced marriage.


During holidays, children usually go home to spend time with their family. Unfortunately, some children don’t have a stable and safe home. For boys at risk, we can often arrange shelter with a trusted and loving local foster family. These a warm and loving families who receive children in their homes against an expense allowance.

Unfortunately local foster care is usually not an option for girls. Some parents refuse to see the benefits of girl child education. They want their daughter to get married, in exchange for dowry. Foster care is too dangerous, for the girl and the foster family. The girls are at risk of abduction by their family or (future) husband. The girls at risk of FGM, abuse or child marriage sleep in rescue shelters.

The shelters are safe and give the girls the opportunity to focus on their future. In Amudat, girls find safe shelter in Kalas girls, the catholic mission school in town. They receive loving care from sisters and sleep in the boarding sections of the school. In Kaabong, girls find safe shelter on the compound of our local partner AWARE. We pay for the guard, matron and utilities, clothes, soap, water and food of the rescued girls in the shelter. Within foreseeable time we hope to improve the shelter accommodation and to organise more activities for these vulnerable girls.