Safe shelter

Children’s rights

Child Care Africa, together with its local partners, stands up for the rights of children. We discuss children’s rights in local communities and work hand in hand with tribal leaders, churches, mosques, police and volunteers to eradicate harmful traditions and protect children against abuse, child trafficking, circumcision and forced marriage.

Temporary shelter

When schools are closed, students usually go home to spend time with their family. Unfortunately, some students don’t have a safe and stable home. For boys at risk, we can often arrange shelter with a trusted and loving local foster family. These a warm and loving families who receive children in their homes against an expense allowance.

Unfortunately, local foster care for girls is usually not an option. Even after many conversations, some parents do not see the benefits girls’ education. These girls are at risk of being threatened or kidnapped by their family or (future) husband. Foster care is too dangerous, for both the girl and the foster family. The girls therefore sleep in shelters, where they are safe and where they can can work on their future. Not an orphanage, but a temporarily safe holiday address.

Child Care Africa Foundation pays for the girls’ clothing, toiletries, water and food. In order to guarantee the safety and care of the girls, we contribute to the security of the site, electricity and a fee for the matron. In the near future we hope to improve the reception facilities and organize more holiday activities for these vulnerable girls.