Individual counselling

Our organization supports an increasing number of children. But personal care and attention remain crucial. We invest a lot of time and energy in building a good and trustworthy relationship with our students. We listen and pay attention to their individual needs.

During these private talks, we discuss school performance, the family settings, trauma’s and behavioral problems. We realize that our students grow up in poverty and many of them have experienced or witnessed violence. They are victims of abuse, neglect or escaped a forced marriage. We make notes during these individual counselling sessions and keep the records in files. At times, we involve parents, teachers or police.

Group sessions

During group sessions, we pay attention to children’s rights and other age appropriate topics. We talk about puberty, menstruation, sex and prevention of pregnancies and STD’s. We also discuss the risks of alcohol and drug abuse with the young adults in the programme.

We often use sports, games, art and theatre to develop the life skills of our students. Social and emotional skills, like cooperation, solving conflicts, dealing with peer pressure, making healthy choices. Fortunately we see that our supported children help each other.

During group sessions, we also invite teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs and hairdressers to talk about their job. We want our students to be motivated and to make deliberate and informed choices for their future.